Imelda Purcell- Music-teacher- founder

Hi, i’m imelda!

I was in preschool when I first dreamed of being a Music Teacher.

When I was four years old, I went to my sisters’ music lesson with them. While I was there, the Preschool Teacher that lived with the Music Teacher ask me if I liked Music and if I could also play the Piano.

Enthusiastically, I replied, “Oh yes, let me show you.” I proceeded to play all the songs my siblings had learned during their lessons. Being aware I was playing by ear, she then asked me if I could play another piece of music that my sisters’ hadn’t learned yet. I replied ‘‘No, my sisters have not learned that yet”. In that moment, the need to learn music notation and read music was realised: my music journey had begun.

Over the course of many years I continued to learn everything I could about Music. I went onto study Music Faculty at Melbourne University, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Music (majoring in piano) and a Bachelor of Music Education. From there I started teaching both Classroom Music and Instrumental Music in schools. I conducted as Choir Director for instrumental groups and choirs, directed and produced school musicals, and developed my own private music studio practice. Over the years, I have also formalised my voice and singing training and have become adept at playing the organ.

After 10 years of teaching music, I decided to continue my education and studied pastoral work and counselling, spending eight years working as a Pastoral Associate ( Pastoral Worker) and as a Counsellor. I left those positions to care for my elderly parents for the next nine years. Within this time I learned how to apply my music knowledge and skills to provide Music Therapy for my parent’s whose conditions included Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease) , Sleep Apneoa, and recovery from hip and heart surgeries.
I also began a blog called New Horizons-discover and enhance your Catholic Faith. logo.png

After they passed away, I extended my Private Music Practice and continued to explore the holistic approach to Music Therapy whilst working in age care. While doing so, I realised that I wanted to help even more people understand the power of Music and how they can harness it in their everyday lives.
Talking was born. My tagline loving life and learning Music encompasses both aspects of human psyche and Music.

Being passionate about both music and the human psyche, I’ve developed two courses aimed at making you an expert in the fundamentals of Music. Whatever your experience has been in Music or whatever your dream or goal is, when you enrol in my courses get ready to experience something different.  You will find in me a warm, encouraging Music Teacher, who wants to hear your story and help melt away past negative music experiences by creating new positive learning experiences.

Imelda is a qualified, experienced Music Teacher who is a member of Victorian Music Teachers Association.

Let me help you achieve your dream. Loving life and learn music.