Welcome to Talking Music!

There is a power to Music that can reach us physically,  cognitively, emotionally and spiritually. When Musicians and Singers perform, they give of their gift of Musicianship and skills to you, the listener.  The beauty of Music is that when 85,000 people listen at a concert, there are 85,000 reasons for their listening. 

So too with my talkingmusic.online blog.  You have come to my website for your own reasons to see, hear, feel, taste and smell the beauty of music.

Let me share with you my reasons for my website and what I hope to share with you.  


  1. I love Music and I desire to share my passion and love for Music with you. I believe in the power of Music and its capacity to  affect me in a way that  I want to change myself for the better physically, emotionally and spiritually.
    I hope that my passion and love for Music will enthuse, excite and energise you in your life. I hope that you will want to be energised and excited to learn, to heal, to journey with me.

  2. Many people love Music but do not understand the why of Music.  Through my many blog posts and my courses that I will create in the next 15 years,  I hope you will want to enquire and enrol in my courses where you will be able to learn online. I already have  Love Music Theory 1 and Love Music Theory 2 ready online through Ruzuku.com platform.   Click the link now to read more about these courses and enrol today.  This is your opportunity to see, hear, feel, taste and smell the beauty of Music. 

  3. We all need some healing in our lives.  I will be able to provide insights in the blog posts and in my life skills/coaching courses which could potentially be life changing.  These courses will have carefully chosen special elements of music interwoven into them to assist maximum benefit.  My hope is that you will benefit greatly in your lives by enrolling in my courses and apply your learnings to your lives.

  4. You will have your reasons for coming to my site.  I want to get to know your reasons.  I want to help YOU.   How can I help YOU? 
    My site will be a forum for communicating it.  Visit my contact page for details.  Tell me what areas of interest you would like to explore. I would love to explore with you. I can tailor a course with your interests and needs in mind. Let us work together to unpack Life and Music

Want to get to know me and what I am about? Visit my About Me page. There you will come to get to know me, my passions and achievements.

My hope is that you will want to journey with me together as we discover more together the beauty of Life and Music.