Want to know more: 5 day Classic Christmas carol E course.

Want to understand more about 5 Classical Christmas Carols?

It is great to understand more about Christmas Carols because we already have a personal history with them. We may sing them in a Choir at church service (like I do), attend Christmas concerts. where the audience gets to sing along too, listen to them for relaxation and enjoyment at home or in the car, or we may sing them with family and friends at Christmas. Because we already have a history with them, we are already familiar with the words and the music.

Having this personal history can colour our appreciation for the Carol. A carol may remind of us of an occasion or even a person (either living or passed). It is always great to honour the memory that comes from the experience of singing/playing or listening to a carol.
Added to this, our tastes change and we may appreciate some carols this Christmas that we did not fully appreciate last Christmas. This is for a number of reasons, but most importantly, we are not the same people as we were 12 months ago.

My 5-day Classic Christmas E Course explores 5 Classic Christmas Carols- their composers, their features, the origins, and meanings and my love for them.  Understanding some of these features can bring a whole new life to listening and to singing these carols. My Classic Christmas E course explores 1. Silent Night; 2. The Little Drummer Boy; 3. O Holy Night; 4. Angels Carol and 5. Joy to the World.
Did you know for example that it is the Bi-Centenary of the writing of the Carol Silent Night this year? How will you celebrate it?

Sing/Listen to these 5 Classic Carols this Christmas fully immersed. 
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just trying by putting the cursor where I want the picture.

just trying by putting the cursor where I want the picture.