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Considerations for buying a Second Hand Piano.

This post is part of series in relation to buying a Piano. in this post, the focus is on the 10 key considerations required before buying a second Hand Piano. It highlights the type of information a buyer should seek from the seller whether it be a second hand seller from a music store or from unknown person or from a relative.

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Buying a Piano or Keyboard Considerations.

Wanting to learn Piano? This is the first post in a 3-part series.

Post 1: Homework guide and research before shopping for your instrument. Post 2: Possible instruments to buy for different budgets. Post 3: How to maintain your instrument.

In Post 1 we explore the exciting and challenging time to buy a Piano or Keyboard. This post explores 6 key factors to be considered before you head off shopping for your instrument. This is your homework guide and research guide in part 1 of your piano/keyboard research.

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