Update News and Upcoming Launches.



First of all, I wish to apologise for my lack of writing blog posts. I had a frozen shoulder in March and although I experimented with speech recognition to get some basic work after a little while, the best and only way of recuperating was being away from the computer.  As you can imagine, this was extremely difficult, since I run an online business.!!

Then just as I was almost better, I had a fall. Yes, you guessed it- I hit my head at first but landed awkwardly to protect my hands on my elbow/arm- chipping the elbow bone on the same side as the frozen shoulder. This has been very painful and has caused significant restricted movement. I did end up grazing my hands as well but as they were not too bad compared with the rest of me, I was pleased. Thankfully I am left handed so I was able to do some pen/paper work and planning for the future.

Secondly, I would like to say how appreciative I am that you have continued to look around my site and have kept visiting. This was a tonic to my injuries knowing that my readers and loyal fans are still interested.


 Hopefully no more falls or injuries.

 SERVICE PAGE: This will be added to my site very soon along with some videos of myself ‘’performing’’ these activities.  Some of the services I will offer include:

·         Piano and or Singing Lessons for adult beginners, or those who have learned many years ago via Skype.  Stay tuned to know how to get on my waiting list.

·         Wedding Booklet consultations (Catholic rite of Marriage).

·         Workshops for Lectors and/or Cantors.

·         Playing/singing at Baptisms, Reconciliation Services, Masses, Anointing Masses, Holy Orders Ordinations and Requiems. (Catholic rite).

You will be able to see some videos of me at work in some of these activities. You will be able to schedule appointments and payment will be able to be made through my site, so that the process will be smooth and efficient for my clients. Bear with me to tweak any gremlins in the early phases.


Some time ago, I received a beautiful email from one of my readers requesting podcasting of my posts.  I wish to let her know that I have not forgotten, but have enrolled in a course about podcasting, since my knowledge of it was zero.  I have now composed 3 possible jingles for my podcast, bought a microphone and experimented with editing software.  It is a whole different world but so far, I am enjoying learning about podcasting very much.

Podcasting of my posts is coming your way very soon.  I hope I will be able to launch in mid-June and give you the option of either listening to my post or reading my blog post here at talkingmusic.online.   Stay tuned for updates on this exciting adventure.