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Loving Life and Learning Music”.

Imelda Owner Talking Music Pty Ltd

Imelda Owner Talking Music Pty Ltd


1.PIANO AND SINGING LESSONS (Melbourne Metro, Interstate/Overseas via Skype)

  • ·Have you always dreamt of learning to play the Piano or to Sing and have a strong desire to learn?

  • ·Have you learned Piano or Singing previously and want to relearn again afresh?

  • ·Are you looking for a patient teacher who will encourage you and help you achieve?

  • ·Would you love the flexibility of having Piano or Singing lessons in the comfort of your own home?

  • ·Would you like to use all the time saved on travel to hone your skills and to practice Piano and/or Singing?


I’m so pleased to be able to offer Piano and Singing lessons through Skype! These lessons are for adults who are serious about learning - you don’t need any prior experience, just a desire and commitment to learning and practising regularly. Successful Music Lessons require a good relationship between Teacher and Student.

To make sure this is a good match for you and for me, I offer free 20-minute consultations prior to sign up. 

This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other more, to understand your goals and my expectations, and discuss the next steps of signing up for your Piano or Singing Lessons. 

Cost: $1350 AUD per 10 week term paid in advance.

 To get started, schedule a call here. I look forward to talking with you.



Importance of Wedding Booklets. The importance of the wedding booklet should not be underestimated.

The Wedding booklet helps to:

  • ·         Create another impression of you and your fiancé,

  • ·         Helps sets the mood for the day. Your guests receive a booklet when they arrive and before the bride or groom.

  • ·         Provides guests with a glimpse of what your marriage will be like. Most guests come to a wedding knowing either the bride or the bridegroom

  • ·         Acts as a guide during the ceremony to assist your guests in participating well

  • ·         Provides a long-lasting memento of your wedding day for both your guests and for the bridge and groom. 

In fact, with some planning, it is better to plan your booklet earlier than later especially if you are

(a) unfamiliar with the rites of the Catholic Church, and

(b) creating your own wedding booklet.

(c) Have a time line to follow to get this beautiful booklet to the printers with some lead up time for alterations.

This famous Wedding March is often played as a Recessional at both Nuptial Mass or Wedding Ceremony.

This famous Wedding March is often played as a Recessional at both Nuptial Mass or Wedding Ceremony.

WHERE TO START: You are getting married in the Catholic Church. Are you having a Nuptial Mass or a Wedding Ceremony?
You want to create an awesome booklet for your special day. You have some sample booklets but each of them are different.

Feeling stuck? Not sure which part goes where? Feeling confused.

My service is to provide a 50 minute skype consultation to hear your concerns about your booklet, provide assistance you need so that you are able to go ahead and create that awesome booklet with confidence and joy.

(b) Is your wedding booklet completed and ready for printing?
My 50 minutes Wedding Book Prep Consultation service provides an opportunity to ensure that liturgy is in correct order, observation and suggestions of any editing issues and ensure that your wedding booklet can be printed with confidence.
Schedule a Wedding Book Prep Consultation and let this task be a joyful one leading up to your special day.
Cost: $135 AUD paid before the consultation is scheduled for 50 minutes.


Music for your Wedding helps to create a special mood and vibe of your day. It needs to reflect the mood you wish to create, be within the guidelines of the Catholic Church and be approved by your Priest who is to officiate at your wedding.

·         What Music will we choose and how do we choose it?

·         How much Music do we need for a Nuptial Mass or Wedding Ceremony?

·         Should we choose music before or after creating booklet?


My Wedding Music 50 minute Skype Consultation will help you answer these questions and the many more you wish to ask.
I have assisted many brides/grooms/ families choose their music for their Wedding over many years.
My speciality is Classical Music and Music suited to Weddings in the Catholic Church.
Book a consultation to choose your wedding music with confidence and joy.

Cost $135 AUD to be paid before consultation is scheduled.


Need an Organist/Pianist and/or Singer for your Baptism, Reconciliation Services, First Communion Masses, Wedding, Anointing Masses or Requiem, funeral service in the Catholic Church?

 I am available in Melbourne (Metro area) and interstate in Australia. 


You can schedule a Music Consultation via Skype to discuss your needs and requirements. Should I be able to assist you, I will provide you a full quote after the consultation within 48 hours. This will include my Service fee ( playing/singing), travel and rehearsal time for Melbourne (metro). Interstate airfares/accommodation costs will also be included.



  •        Want to improve the overall quality of the standard of the Lectors, Cantors, Choir, Small Music Groups or Liturgy Committee?

  •         Does your Parish Groups have relationship issues which is hindering their effectiveness?

  •       Are there Parishioners in various groups who would be more suited in a different ministry?

  •         Do your Parish Lectors, Cantors, Choir, Small Music Group or Liturgy Committee need an uplifting interactive workshop?

My background is in Music, Pastoral Ministry, Counselling and Aged Care. I have worked in each of these areas professionally for many years. Because of my unique set of skills in these areas, I am able to provide to your Parish workshops tailored to your Parish needs. Each of my professional skill set have a role to play in the interactive/informational workshops.
My goal in these workshops is to improve the standard of each participant by using a wide variety of proven techniques to help each participant improve his/her standard in carrying out their chosen ministry.

Parish Liturgy Consultation:

Every Parish has its own uniqueness and charism. When you schedule a Parish Liturgy Consultation, it provides you with the opportunity to book a workshop for your parish, to discuss your unique needs for your groups in a confidential manner and to provide an understanding of your goals and expectations in order to tailor it to your parish needs.


  • ·         Want to improve the quality of reading of the Lectors in your Parish

  • ·         Want to improve the tone quality of the voice and diction of the lectors in your parish

  • ·         Want the Scriptures read with understanding

  • ·         Want to understand how to use the microphone effectively? 

  • ·        Want to solve another problem/issues with the Lectors in your parish? 

    I am able to run workshops in person or via skype to help your lectors relax their voices, improve their diction, use the microphone effectively, help them read with understanding and build confidence so that both congregation and lector can both hear and understand Scripture. Workshops run for 2 hrs (minimum requirement). The Workshop can be a one-off session or can be held over 4 or even 8 weeks if required.

These workshops are interactive and best done in small groups (ideally 6-8) so that each participant can benefit and participate fully. Participants are required to bring with them to the workshop (a) enthusiasm/openness, (b)a desire to improve their level of proclaiming the Word of God, (c) wear comfortable loose clothing, (d) a bible, (e) phone or recording device, and (f) writing material.

It is preferred if participants who are new to the role of being a lector are within the same group initially. They then can be reintegrated with other lectors in the parish at other workshops.

Quote will be provided after discussion of needs and timing are confirmed. Bookings are required 6 weeks minimum ahead of proposed date of workshop.  Payment is required one week before workshop date at the latest.

Schedule a Parish Liturgy: Pre lectors Workshop skype call to discuss your needs.

Video: Reading of Genesis 2 by Imelda from Talkingmusic in December 2018 on the occasion of ordination to the diaconate of a Dominican Friar.


  • · Want to introduce singing Responsorial Psalm/Alleluia at Weekday/Sunday Masses. 

  • · Already have a few lectors who could do this musically, but need some guidance, some confidence, some gentle coaxing.

    I am able to provide workshops for a variety of music standards-

  •    Parishioners who can sing but who wish to improve their Cantor skills.

  •    New Cantors who desire training in singing Responsorial Psalms/Alleluias

  •     Current Lectors who wish to become a Cantor or those who wish to explore this ministry.

Payment is required at the latest one week before the workshop/s is held.

Schedule a Cantors Workshop for your parish.

Depending on the need, these types of workshops are offered in person or via skype (depending on Parish technical capacities).
NB: When a skype Parish workshop is scheduled, a required scheduled ‘‘dry run’’ a couple of days before the workshop is essential to resolve any technical issues before the workshop. This ensures a smooth tech trouble free workshop for everyone.


  • What are the problems/difficulties encountered and associated with the Parish Choir/ Small Music Group? 

  • Are there both Musical/ Relationship Issues blurring the possibility of enhancing the quality of Worship in the Parish?

  • What is the relationship between Liturgy Committee and Musician and Priest?

  • Need a qualified independent view of your Parish Choir or Music Group?

  • Do these groups need to improve their standards?

  • Do these groups want to improve their standards?

My extensive Music, Counselling Skills and Spirituality (Catholic church) combine to create an environment where problems can be aired, co-operation enhanced and Musicality raised to a different level. My workshops fit your individual parish needs.  Share your needs with me and let us work together to hold either one off or ongoing workshops. Choir/Small Group workshops are best offered in person.

Payment for the worshop/s are to be paid in advance at least one week before the due date of the workshop.
Schedule a Parish Liturgy Pre Choir/Liturgy Consultation today.


Have a liturgy committee that needs some assistance understanding the intricacies of liturgy and/or have little understanding of how to choose appropriate music for Sunday Masses?

My workshop will provide some helpful guidelines in these matters and meet the individual needs of your parish. It would also include how to choose appropriate Music for Sunday Masses

 Schedule a Parish Liturgy Skype call today to discuss your needs.